About us

What SHIFT is?

  • support group for parents/carers of children with SEND with or without diagnosis.
  • Based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire.
  • Started in 2009.
  • Safe place to meet others in similar situations, to chat about joys and challenges or parenting children with SEND.
  • Place to meet new friends and support each others.
  • Place to share ideas, informations and advice from own experience.
  • What does SHIFT do

  • Daytime coffee & chat meetings in Abingdon.
  • Occasional visits from professionals eg SENDIASS, OFIS, Yellow Submarine, AFSO.
  • Evening drink & chat in Abingdon.
  • Family events.
  • Occasional evening meals out.
  • Who runs SHIFT

    We aim to have two committee members at every event. These are the friendly faces you can expect to see.





    Who can join SHIFT
  • Shift is not a membership organisation.
  • Whilst Shift is open to any families in Oxfordshire, the group is based in Abingdon and all meetings are held locally.
  • To keep up to date join the email list by emailing info@shift-abingdon.org.uk please give your name as this isn’t always clear from an email address and the name of the town on village you live in as this info can help when applying for local grants.